1. Sounding Out Aeolus, Podcast 1: Charlie Mydlarz

  2. The Singing Ringing Tree produces sounds when the wind blows over thin slots in the pipes. As the air moves around inside the pipes, they begin to vibrate. Once it begins to vibrate at a speed that matches the natural frequency of the pipe, you will begin to hear mysterious sounds. 

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    The sounds heard by year 2 students at St. Boniface Primary school during a soundwalk

  4. Engineering drawings for Aeolus! 

  5. latest designs for Aeolus! 

  6. Acoustic Experiments with Aeolian Devices

  7. Latest design concepts for Aeolus!

  8. Test for Aeolus

  9. Designs for Aeolus

  10. Aeolus Acoustic Wind Pavillion

    Aeolus is a new architectural space designed for the public to contemplate the landscape; to make audible the silent shifting patterns of the wind and to visually amplify the ever changing sky. Aeolus will tour the UK starting in spring 2011. Check www.aeolus.org.uk for further details